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God’s Timing is Perfect

As we know children are a gift from God. But what if we feel we aren’t ready to have a baby? Or what if we feel as though we aren’t equipped to be a mother, or we believe our circumstances aren’t the best? Or what if we feel like we just can’t handle the responsibilities of another child? Well I’m here to remind you that God’s timing is PERFECT. See we often look at our circumstances instead of looking to God. If God allowed us to become pregnant despite what our circumstances look like, it was in his plans and he has already equipped us with everything we need to carry out the task of being a parent to our...

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"Children are the Crown of Life"

“Children are the Crown of Life”   God gave my husband and I the vision to start a family business to teach our two sons how to be young entrepreneurs. We believe God gave us the name Crowned Only. Crowned Only is a clothing brand for children to display their love for God and look fashionable while doing so.  The bible tells us that God is our father and we believe as children of God we are crowned with love (God is love). How we live out our lives is a reflection on our Heavenly Father. So as parents we have a big responsibility on our hands. It is our job to pour into our children, teach them about their creator...

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